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Why a Bilingual School?

Learning a second language opens a new world! Your child will have new experiences and understand familiar things with a fresh perspective.

  • People who learn other languages come to better understand, feel comfortable with, and adapt to unfamiliar settings and situations; skills that will help your child live successfully in a complex, multicultural society.
  • Bilingual schools use the research-tested strategies of dual language learning to give your child language proficiency, academic skills, content knowledge, and cross-cultural aptitude. 
  • Your child will be able to effectively use Spanish and English in reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, and everyday conversation.
  • Bilingual schools foster a wider vision of local and global communities for their students and families.
  • If your child’s first language is English, fluency in Spanish will open employment opportunities to him or her.
  • If your child’s first language is Spanish, fluency in English is required for economic success in the United States.

Success of the Dual Language Model

  • Students are better able to learn a second language the more proficient they are in their first language. (Cummins, 2010, Cummins, 1979)
  • Students will build upon the academic knowledge they have developed in their first language while learning a second language, i.e. they aren't left behind while they acquire a second language. (Slavin & Cheung, 2005, Collier & Thomas, 1997)
  • Students in bilingual programs equaled or surpassed the academic achievement in English-only classrooms. (Genesee, Lindholm-Leary, Howard, Sugarman, and Christian 2003)
  • Both English-speaking and English language learning students became proficient in both languages and demonstrated large gains over time in reading and math achievement. (Collier & Thomas, 2004, Lindholm-Leary, 2001)
  • Dual language programs lead to higher student outcomes when they are provided for a period of at least six years. (Lindholm-Leary, in press)